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  • Snoman Post author

    Hey everyone I’ve been a life long smoker and I’m the past few years I’ve relied on these guys for quality and great pricing. I Medicate and use cannabis for recreational too so I have gotten to know all the products as well so I’m passionate about helping people find the right strain! I’m here to help and u can trust my reviews

    Afghani 1

    Let’s take it way back!! This is an old school smoke perfect daytime indica. If u wanna feel good but not sacrifice your productivity this is what I need. It’s waves of relaxation are matched with citrus and pine flavours that are left on the palate!! Enjoy

    Crazy Glue

    Wowzers!! This strain is super fun and brings out many creative ideas. Gud for medicAting and recreational, light one of these up with a friend and have some hilarious times. It’s earthy and peppery notes are welcomed by any level of smoker 💨

    Grape Ape

    As u break open this colourful and crystallized bud the smells
    Of Grape and cream this is one of my nighttime favs. The high bruises quickly into a fun and relaxing high, I found some creativity with this one followed by full relaxation! Gotta try this one !

  • Bob Old Post author

    Great prices for great product. Another happy customer!!

  • Amber Old Post author

    Awesome product, amazing service. Highly recommended! Recently moved and has accommodated my needs from afar. Always adds an extra treat, very much appreciated.

  • Sean M

    This guy is definetly what you call a good business man. I even felt comfortable introducing him to my mother. Usually you see a 100 dollar ounce and expect junk. Not with this service at all. Id be happy paylng double for the quality i get from him. All in all i am a returning customer with zero reason not be .

    ALL the strains burn whistle clean . Nice white ash

  • penny Post author

    We tried out the death bubba, great stuff! Will order again! Thank you !

  • Todd Post author

    Are you kidding me?

    Great Service and quality products at the same time. Driver helped out when I didn’t have enough cash.

  • Lori

    Can’t say enough!
    Best product I’ve been using them a long time! Quality products big variety friendly people always a great experience! Fast delivery on top of it all!

    1. Instabud.ca

      Thanks for the honest review!

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