Best Use
Perfect addition to a joint or a quick sneaky puff on the back deck. High is light and talkative.

Light flavour that is not far off higher quality hashish.

Mid-level intensity high.


  1. Doc (verified owner)

    This is the 3rd order of Hash, first was the Afghani one which was great,2nd one was the Notorious Hash which was Not So Good,however this Phoenix was close to the Afghani one which was tasty and Sticky,so I would recommend this one to any of the other ones which is just average!

  2. summerwalker (verified owner)

    Price is unbeatable! Great quality and mad tasty. Will definitely buy more.

  3. rkmaccormack (verified owner)

    An indica leaning , playable dark chocolate hash , with hints of sweet n’ sour pine.

  4. Hashashin (verified owner)

    Decent Hash for the price, peppery notes along with a really pungent hash aroma when this is burned. No complaints.

  5. Doc (verified owner)

    For all the Hashish Smokers, after all the ones that I have tasted, I would have to say all the Hash that WCC has to Offer, for the Extra Few $$$$$ the Top 3 to Check Out #1: Ketama Gold Afghan (When Available) is my Favorite! #2: Ketama Gold Moroccan Nice Treat! #3: Now for Pheonix not far behind the Ketama Gold Afghan which is nice & Gooey offering a nice taste & Aroma, as far as the rest which is Cheaper you get what you Pay for, Hats Off to WCC for producing the selection of the Hashish to choose from, keep up the Good Work!!!

  6. Ross Lamb (verified owner)

    The first long toke …… airy, sweet, strong rush and near immediate high then smoothed out into a good comfortable feeling a great hash.

  7. CurtiePoo (verified owner)

    Can’t complain with this one. Does the trick and mixes well with herb or on its own

  8. Mario Richer (verified owner)

    Je le trouve très bien. Bon goût, bon prix. Je l’ai fumé au couteaux et ça m’a frappé fort lol. Je vous le recommande. Merci Wcc

  9. Delton42 (verified owner)

    very impressed! worth every penny and some.